MOC’s – My Own Creations

While I absolutely love following the instructions and making Lego sets to their original designs – sometimes they just need that little bit extra to fit in with what I want for my layout!

Here you’ll find Lego sets I’ve modified, and buildings that are my own creation.

Lego Kitchen

MOC – SoHo Building

Inspired by the buildings of the SoHo district of NYC.   I’m still a bit undecided about what this building is!  It started off as an apothecary, then a tobacconist…either way downstairs contains a shop while the first and second floors contain an apartment. The upstairs apartment has a small kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom and a … Continue reading MOC – SoHo Building

MOC – Belfast Sink

Originally a staple of the butlers pantry, by the 1920’s the Belfast Sink was becoming a popular addition to the kitchens of many ordinary folk. At the moment I’m working on a MOC of a late 19th century Cast Iron building – something similar to what you would see in SOHO New York. So a … Continue reading MOC – Belfast Sink

The Orangery

I really enjoyed building this MOC….maybe because the idea came from nowhere really! For one of my birthdays Mr. Eanair gifted me #4439 – Heavy Lift Helicopter, but helicopters aren’t really my thing and to be honest, I didn’t really have any need for in my layout. So I started playing with the Lego, and liked … Continue reading The Orangery

Lego Paradise Cafe


I recently bought a job lot of second hand Lego from which contained just the cafe part from #4664 Marina  So I expanded the cafe part to become a takeaway coffee shop with chill out deck on the roof.  Inside there’s a coffee machine, blender and display counter with cakes and pastries. There’s nothing mind-blowing about it … Continue reading MOC/MOD – PARADISE CAFE

Lego Medieval Market Village

Market Place

Released in 2009 #10193 Medieval Market Village is an absolutely gorgeous set – and it’s the perfect set to add a bit of ‘olde world charm’ to a town layout. Realistically towns and cities evolve, new blends with old, so why should a Lego town be any different? I’ve included the set along with #10199 Winter Toy … Continue reading Market Place

Lego pancake stand

La Creperie

Out of all of Series 17 collectable minifigures, French Guy (and his insanely cute French bulldog), was the one minifigure I had to get, so much so that I didn’t want to risk missing out and went ahead and Bricklinked him. And now that I had him I had to find him something to do – and so … Continue reading La Creperie