Fourth Corner for the Corner Deli!

When I first clapped eyes on this set (#31050) I knew I had to have it for my layout.  And on the whole I’m pretty happy with it…..except it was missing one thing, and it’s a pretty big thing.


It was missing a fourth corner when it was closed. (See the way it’s hinged at the top – in my opinion closing it completely took away from the look of the building).  So a bit of Bricklinking and some PAB later – ta dah!  the deli got its fourth corner!


I’ve read some reviews online that weren’t overly impressed with the colour scheme of this set – but looks wise I really like it.  I think the dark orange goes particularly well with the sand yellow masonry brick.

Instead of turning it into a modular with removable floors, I decided to hinge the fourth corner, and because this set is so small I’m really glad I did as it allows for much easier access to the interior.


I  made the deli into a deli that was more in line to what I’m used to – in Ireland they’re generally somewhere you can have a coffee, get something to eat and buy things such as cheeses. meats and cakes to takeaway.  So we’ve now got a coffee machine, seated area and chilled unit filled with chicken, ham, cheese and because it’s Lego – pizza of course!

Upstairs is now one of the saddest studio apartments in the world – with just a chair, TV, bedroom and shower room – but residential real estate is at premium in my layout and beggars can’t be choosers…

It’s great to have somewhere where the residents of my Lego town can have something other than pizza – but poor Clumsy Guy is still getting the hang of eating while on crutches (at least kitty is happy with the meat that’s falling out of his sub!)