Little Lego Changes 

Yesterday The Rambling Brick shared a great and very detailed post about Minidolls & Minifigures and the differences between the two.

Friends is one of my favourite Lego themes, and Friends sets are a great way to include some real world buildings (that aren’t Police or Fire Stations) into a Lego Town Layout. I buy quite a lot of Friends sets, but if I analysed my spending down to a price per piece used ratio I think I’d get a fright.

The Minidolls, well they have to go.  And any colours which are just too out there in context (I’m looking at you Medium Azure and Bright Reddish Violet) they have to be replaced with more realistic colours.

Which brings me around to this:

I bought this set just for the scooter.  (I know, I know I could have Bricklinked it for about €2…but I didn’t).  I loved the lavender colour of the scooter, but not the bright green of the sidecar.  So I gave it a tan sidecar.

I changed very little (apart from the colour) – I just had to change the handlebars to suit a Minifigure.

I love how little Lego changes can make a big difference!

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