75200 Ahch-To Island Training

It’s no secret that I have no interest in Star Wars, and that the extent of my knowledge of Star Wars Lego is that it uses Lego bricks.

However, there is a set (exclusively available to buy from today in Ireland), which has caught my interest.

75200 Ahch-To Island Training depicts a scene from the latest Star Wars Movie – The Last Jedi, which was filmed on Skellig Michael, a beautiful rocky island located off the coast of Co. Kerry.

The set looks like it’s going to be a big deal here in Ireland.

It featured on the Late Late Toy Show (a HUGE deal over here, and every year the most watched TV show in Ireland), its also been in the media, and most significant of all, it’s the first Lego set that people who I work with (not AFOL’s by the way), have been talking about.

The set contains 241 pieces and costs €29.99, which when you look at it price per piece is pretty expensive – oh the joys of licensing fees and intellectual property.

To put it in context 60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission has 378 pieces and costs €29.99 too plus for KFOLs it has tons of playability.

And 31067 Poolside Modular House which is a similar subject (i.e a building), has 356 pieces and costs €24.99.

So will patriotic pride cause me to finally part my cash for a Star Wars set?

No. But a poster of the artwork on the box – yes please!

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