Pictures! Friends Summer Wave Go Kart Theme!

I don’t often get excited about seeing upcoming sets….what am I saying of course I do!!  So it was great to stumble upon these pictures on a retailer site!

Friends sets are a great way in add extra buildings and facilities (that aren’t fire or police related) to a LEGO town layout.  Yes the colours can be ‘out there’, but often a quick swap of one colour for another can make all the difference.

First up – 41348 Service and Maintenance Truck.  Which, I’m not loving…this is one straaange looking vehicle – but I have to say I do love the hamster crossing sign!

Lego Friends 41348

Next up is for me, the stand out set of this selection – 41439 Fast Food Drive In.  Like 10260 Downtown Diner, there seems to be a heavy dose of 1950’s Americana to this too.

There’s a lot to love in this set – and you can even put your phone in front of the movie screen to play real videos!  Yeah!, I’ll now have somewhere to park my many, many police vehicles!

Dottie’s Hairpiece = Great Hair Day!!

If only instead of a go-kart, this set came with a Cadillac!!

Sandy's Drive In - 1957 Chevrolet - American Flag -  Phoenix, AZ - Circa: 1966

41351 Go Kart Workshop

41352 Heartlake City Go Kart Track

I do love Mia’s Dark Orange helmet!

Unfortunately I have no piece counts or prices for these yet, but I know that I’m going to have to start saving for 41439 – every (LEGO) Town needs a drive in!

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