It Pays to Shop Local

Not available in Argos.

And not available in Smyths Toys either.

Or Amazon, S@H, Debenhams or Tesco.

But is available in my local toy store – Byrnes Books & Toys

Not one but TWO great deals on Collectable Minifigures!  3 for €10 and a Loyalty Card where you get a 6th Minifigure FREE when you buy 5!

My brain is too frazzled to work out the maths, but both deals work concurrently – so stay with me, convoluted explanation coming up:

I can buy 6 for €20 and get 6 stamps.  This means I fill up one Loyalty Card with 5 stickers and get a FREE Minifigure, and I get one sticker for a new Loyalty Card!!!

Does your local toy store have this Loyalty Card (it’s definitely LEGO branded)?  It might be worth your while to pop in just in case!


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