LEGO City Magazine Issue 15

AKA the one with the female lead character!!

Page from Lego City Magazine Issue 15

15 issues in and we finally have the first female lead character in LEGO City Magazine – say hello to Firefighter Tina Tough!

Hmm I wonder if this was in response to actor Samuel Wests’ tweet?

But I digress…….

This issues Epic Toy is Firefighter Tina and her helicopter – in all 29 LEGO pieces (so not great but at least better than the last issue).

Lego Firefighter Minifigure with helicopter
Lego City Firefighter Minifigure with helicopter

The storyline of Issue 15 sees Tina Tough team up with her fellow City Hero, (and hero of Issue 14) Sky Policeman Jeff to fight fires and crime on the hottest day in LEGO City.

LEGO City Magazine Issue 15

As usual, the quality and content of the magazine is excellent – the artwork is great, and my 7 year old loves the puzzles. Some are quite challenging, which in my opinion is great as it stops him from getting bored!

Lego City Magazine Issue 15

Issue 16 is on sale on July 3rd, and comes with “Diver Dude and Underwater World”.

Lego City Magazine Issue  16

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