Emma’s Art Supply Shop and Studio

When I first saw 41365 Emma’s Art Studio I thought that it looked ideal for turning into a modular, and that it would be the perfect place to put the contents of two other Friends sets that I have, 41342 Emma’s Deluxe Bedroom Set and 41305 Emma’s Photo Studio.

So that’s exactly what I did!

At 12 studs wide this is a very narrow building, but it had to be it small because getting light lavender bricks while trying not to spend a lot turned out to be easier said than done. (I cleared out two of my favourite stores on Bricklink).

I changed the storefront from the original by adding some columns and trans pink and trans clear 2×1 bricks to create stained glass fanlights over the top of the window and door.

I couldn’t source any round 1×1’s in lavender (in Ireland) on Bricklink so I had to make the second story slightly different to the first.

The Interior

The ground floor contains the shop – which is fitted out with builds from the original set and the printer from Emma’s Photo Studio.

The first floor is the studio. Here I’ve put the (brilliant) potters wheel from the bedroom set and a stickered panel from the photo studio – unfortunately I couldn’t fit the lights in.

The second floor has the bedroom – which features the four poster bed, locker and chest from Emma’s Deluxe Bedroom.

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