Free LEGO Architecture Posters

LEGO Architecture Lincoln Memorial

Did you know that you can download some gorgeous LEGO Architecture posters, for free, from I didn’t until I saw this post from LEGO on Instagram. I was just one of many people who left a comment asking if these were available to purchase, and the fab people at the LEGO Architecture Instagram account […]

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Interview with Bricksare4me

One of the best things about social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr is coming across some really special Lego builds.  Modern House Redux by Bricksare4me (C.Loch) was one of these builds.  Insanely realistic and beautifully photographed, it looked like something straight out of Architectural Digest and I was an immediate fan. So I was delighted […]

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MOC – SoHo Building

Lego Kitchen

My latest Lego MOC!  Inspired by the architecture of the buildings in the SoHo district of New York. See here for more images and the interior.

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