Free LEGO Architecture Posters

Did you know that you can download some gorgeous LEGO Architecture posters, for free, from

I didn’t until I saw this post from LEGO on Instagram.

LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty

I was just one of many people who left a comment asking if these were available to purchase, and the fab people at the LEGO Architecture Instagram account responded with a link to a page of free downloads!

Posters LEGO Architecture

Iconic structures like the Louvre, Trevi Fountain, Burj Khalifa, City skylines and more can be found here.

LEGO Architecture Louvre

They’re great, right?

The file sizes aren’t huge at less than 1MB (except for the BOOKS poster which is 19MB).

I’m looking forward to printing some A3’s when I get to work on Monday.

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