Knowing when it’s time to stop

The North Slob – one of my favourite places (and what a great name!).  Now a bird sanctuary (in fact it’s official name is Wexford Wildfowl Reserve), it’s an area of land which has been reclaimed from the sea.

This is the Pump House, built back in the mid 19th century to aid the drainage of the land – it’s an absolutely beautiful building.

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And because I love it, I thought ‘why not recreate it in Lego?’…..and this is how far I got:

Image of MOC Pump House Wexford Wildfowl Reserve

I was full of enthusiasm at the start but very soon I just wasn’t feeling the love for it – and hey, Lego and MOCing is my hobby and if it’s no fun then what’s the point?

So even though I’ve invested quite a few Bricklink orders in this MOC (and cleared my favourite Bricklink stores out of Medium Dark Flesh Masonry Bricks!) – I just don’t want to carry on with it.  So today I made the decision to demolish.

Usually once I’ve started something I see it through, but as beautiful a building as the Pump House is, it just wouldn’t have any place in my town layout.

On the bright side I’ve A LOT of masonry bricks that I’m looking forward to putting to good use very soon!


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