Lego Ideas – August Pick

When I’m not MOCing, one of my favourite Lego related things to do is to scroll through Lego Ideas.  Lego Ideas allows FOL’s to submit their ideas for new sets – the public can support their favourite ones, and once a project receives 10,000 it will go forward for review by the Lego Review Board If you haven’t checked it out yet you should – the level of imagination and design that some FOL’s have is inspirational.

This month, for me, there was one stand out submission – Shopping Streets by CHILTECH

Lego Ideas Shopping Streets by Chiltech

For those of who are interested in Lego Town there is a distinct lack of non emergency service related sets (I’m not including Friends here), and while the modulars are beautiful, they have a price point which can put them out of many peoples reach – particularly if you wish to buy the earlier ones like 10182 Cafe Corner or 10185 Green Grocer.

That’s why I think that this set is wonderful.  In a smallish set (the designer hasn’t quoted the number of bricks used) you get a Donut Shop, Chicken Shop, Ice Cream Shop, Flower Shop, Bank and Department Store.  It not just has loads of playability, but it also looks great, and has a similar architectural style to 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe.

Lego Ideas Shopping Streets

Lego Ideas Shopping Streets


At the  moment 138 people have voted for this set – so if you’re active on Lego Ideas please search for Shopping Street and show your support!

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