2017 Lego Friends Sets – the ‘smaller’ sets

Friends is one of my favourite Lego themes – and as someone who loves creating a little Lego town, Friends has excellent buildings – Hair Salon, Cupcake Cafe, Supermarket….), and features like 41115 – Emma’s Creative Workshop, to add to a layout. 

Brothers Brick has featured lots of what we have to look forward to Lego wise in 2017, so here are some of what I’m calling the ‘smaller’ sets – the €9.99 to €14.99 (if pricing is to follow 2016) range. 

First up is 41305 Emma’s Photography Studio. (Interesting that we’re seeing two photography studios in 2017, this and Assembly Square…). Lots of stickers but that dark blue shade is nice!
Lego Friends Emma's Photography Studio Lego Friends Emma's Photography Studio
41307 – Olivia’s Inventor Lab sees Olivia busy creating(?) robots – well I think that’s what’s going on! (There’s 3 little beds and a baby bottle so we can only assume they’re for the robots and that Olivia isn’t trying a clone a minidoll mini baby of her own).  Again lots of stickers – and I’m loving that parcel.

Lego Friends Olivia's Inventor Lab

Lego Friends Olivia's Inventor Lab
I love this!  41308 – Stephanie’s Bakery. Lots of nice features and not too many stickers!  How fab is that pink mixer!

41306 is Mia’s Beach Bike. Pretty meh except for that lavender scooter!! I’m thinking that sidecar in tan is going to look so classy!

41309 is Andreas Show which is a pretty boring set (ok so I’m an AFOL – an eight year old might think differently!). Other than the guitar there’s not a lot to excite me with this one.

However there is a lot I do like here – and if they stay at an affordable price – I’ll look forward to picking some of them up!

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