Lego MOC -Pizzeria

I’m totally obsessed with having fully enclosed buildings in my layout so I was chuffed when the Pizzeria from #7641 – City Corner ended up in a tub of second hand Lego I bought – giving me the perfect opportunity to fully enclose the Pizzeria from my set without having to spend too much on Bricklink!


I didn’t deviate much from the original design – just added an awning & signage to the front…

Lego Pizzaria

The back pretty much matches the front and features a roof top seating area.

Lego Pizzeria


Build wise I’ve given it a hinged opening for playability.

Lego Pizzeria Lego Pizza Shop


Look closely and you’ll see horrible discolouration of the white bricks of the oven – my fault for keeping my set in direct sunlight for too long!

Speaking of Pizza’s roll on 2017 and the great looking #60150 Pizza Van (which is now available on backorder from the US Shop@Home site!)

Lego Pizza Van

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