Making the Free Mini VW Beetle Minifigure Friendly!

Were you lucky enough to get your hands on #40252-1, the free mini VW Beetle promo!? Thanks to triple VIP points which made me finally pull the trigger on getting #31065 – Park Street Townhouse, I did! It’s a cute little thing isn’t it!  But for me it has one major flaw – it looks great […]

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Lego MOC -Pizzeria

Lego Pizzaria Open

I’m totally obsessed with having fully enclosed buildings in my layout so I was chuffed when the Pizzeria from #7641 – City Corner ended up in a tub of second hand Lego I bought – giving me the perfect opportunity to fully enclose the Pizzeria from my set without having to spend too much on […]

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MOC/MOD – Paradise Cafe

Lego Paradise Cafe

I recently bought a job lot of second hand Lego from which contained just the cafe part from #4664 Marina  So I expanded the cafe part to become a takeaway coffee shop with chill out deck on the roof.  Inside there’s a coffee machine, blender and display counter with cakes and pastries. There’s nothing mind-blowing about it […]

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