Lego Ideas – January Pick

I’ll bet January was busy for most AFOL’s what with building the (hopefully plentiful!) Lego gifts received for Christmas and maybe even some of Lego’s January releases.

Well thankfully not everyone was too busy, and lots of great designs were uploaded to Ideas in January – with these three catching my eye.

First up is French Classical Stage – The Molière Comedies

Image of Lego Ideas January Pick

The designer is Campistron1984 who was inspired by the Théâtre du Palais-Royal, and this set makes it possible to represent several major plays of the greatest master of comedy in French literature : Molière.

I love this set.  I think the concept is excellent.  I know next to nothing about Moliere, but I do know that this set has oodles of playability.  For those of us with Lego Town Layouts this would even make a fantastic outdoor theatre!

It’s also a beautiful set.  Campistron1984 has included lots of nice detailing.

Even the back of the set looks great – and very realistic.

Lego Ideas January Pick

Campistron1984 has included a ‘secondary kit of pieces’ which make it possible to build several different stage sets, along with at least 5 minifigures, and also 2 transparent Lego bars to make it possible to move the minifigs without having to touch them.

A great idea, really well executed.  If you want to vote for French Classical Stage you can do so here.

Another really beautiful build uploaded this month is Dumbledore’s Officeand wow, what a interesting build this is.


Lots of great SNOT techniques and packed with features and details.  This would be such a fun set to build.  Just look at the shape of it!

Lego Ideas January Pick

The designer of Dumbledore’s Office is Lego_Tryx, and if you want to give it your support you can do so here.

My final Ideas pick for January is Famous Scientists

Lego Ideas January Pick

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Marie Curie depicted in minifigure form.  This is a great idea and I could see that they would work as €3.99 polybags.  There is lots of scope for improvement, but to be fair to the designer Jedipearse, they did say that they didn’t have access to the parts that would depict the scientists as they would like – but regardless of how they look right now, I think Famous Scientists is a simple and effective idea.

If you’d like to add your support to Famous Scientists you can do so here.


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