LEGO Contemporary Fire Station

Lego Contemporary Fire Station Lego Ideas Logo

If you follow LEGO MOCers on Instagram, there’s a good chance that you’re following Dan, aka allyouneedisbricks. If not, you’re missing out on some inspirational builds – give yourself a free treat and go follow him, today! So being a fan, I was delighted to hear Dan announce that he has submitted one of his […]

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Lego Ideas Review Winner – Tron Legacy

Congratulations go to BrickBros UK (aka Tom & Drew) whose design will be on shelves in the future. I’m surprised that the Jeep Wrangler wasn’t chosen, and a little sad that the Sega Classic Arcade Machines didn’t make it, but ultimately it’s great to see any fan project brought to life. On another note, I’m […]

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Offer on The Old Fishing Store at Smyths Toys

Too good an offer not to share! Right now Smyths Toys Ireland have The Old Fishing Store on offer of €119.99 – that’s a great saving of €30! Time to treat yourself to an early Christmas present maybe!?     sent

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Anatomini by Stephan Niks

Dutch builder Stephan Niks goes under the skin of a minifigure with his Lego Ideas build – Anatomini. A supersized minifigure (43.2cm!) showing what could be underneath the ABS.  It was great to virtually catch up with Stephan for a chat about Anatomini, and I started by asking him where on earth he came up […]

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The Kindness of AFOL’s

The world can be a scary place. But no matter what certain media outlets would have us believe it’s not all bad.  Not all people are ‘out to get us’, or ‘steal from us’, or ‘kill us’, and most people are in actual fact nice.  And kind. Irish Suicide Prevention Charity Pieta House  have launched a […]

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