Market Place

Probably my absolute, most favorite Lego set ever has to be #10193 – Medieval Market Village.

Lego Medieval Market Village
I’ve reworked it to become Market Place – the ‘Old Part’ of my town and its cultural quarter. The blacksmiths is now a restaurant, the pub is still a pub and I’ve included #10199 Winter Village Toy Shop (which I’ve tried to de-winterfy by removing the snow capped roof.

Lego Medieval Market Village
The design of these buildings is perfect so I’ve only made very small changes.  I’ve put 2 arched doors in the blacksmiths and I’ve also taken away the water wheel.

Lego Medieval Market Village

There’s currently no room on my Lego table to fit Market Place so I can’t show a picture of how it will work with a modern town layout but I think it’s going to integrate nicely (fingers crossed)!
You’ll get a better look at Market Village in this quick video:

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