Lego Ideas – Gilmore Girls

April brought not one, but two Gilmore Girls projects to Lego Ideas – and that’s got me feeling all



First up Stars Hollow Gazebo by MrsBrickKnight.

Lots of the main characters are included: Lorelai and Rory of course, and also Taylor Doose, Kirk, Miss Patty, Luke, Sookie, Jackson and the town’s Troubadour.

There’s loads of yummy autumnal details too – like bales of straw and pumpkins.

Next is a set which depicts Stars Hollow’s other most iconic place – Luke’s Diner by Rainer Zufall.

Sooo much lovely sand blue & sand green…!

This is really packed with details that are true to the show: the mismatched tables and chairs, right down to the dark red covering on the stools – Rainer has also made excellent use of 1×2 grill pieces to create the wood-panel effect on the counter too.

Minifigures included in this set are Lorelai and Rory, Luke, Jess, Kirk and Lane.


Anything Gilmore Girls is going to be popular with a huge bunch of people, and these two are raking up support at a really quick rate. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see a Gilmore Girls set passed for production sometime soon!

To vote for either project just follow the links above.


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