Lego Ideas – May Pick

Well Brickheadz certainly seem to be proving popular with builders because May saw a lot of Brickheadz projects uploaded to Lego Ideas – some good, some not so good; but my Lego Ideas pick for May is Ice Age Manny by birkicch

Lego Ideas Ice Age Manny

I love the detailing on this build – the curved slopes do a great job of depicting the cragginess of Manny’s fur, and the dark tan and brown colouring work really well at adding depth and realism.  I think that this would make a great display piece, and more than that it looks like it would be an interesting build – I’d love the see what’s going underneath all those curved slopes and see how this is actually built.


Another project that caught my eye this month was Tarantula Mech by Astronaut Avila

Lego Ideas Tarantula Mech

There is loads going on with this – including a nuclear engine, spider pods, spinneret machine guns and stud shooters.  On a personal level this wouldn’t be a set that I would buy for myself – my 5 year old however would love it, and I would really enjoy helping him to put it together. 


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