David Beckham Builds Lego


Especially for his daughter Harper.

David Beckham with Lego Disney Castle

Jealous of a 6 year old, who moi?  Well kind of but not really.

Yes I’m jealous because Lego Disney Castle, but no because I would want to be the one building it!!

David Beckham Building Lego

But hey, who’s to say that she didn’t help out – I’m not going to berate him over that, I d-e-s-p-i-s-e my 5 year old helping me when I making a new set (and now I feel like a bad mother) but it’s my hobby and that’s that.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy building Lego with my son – I do.  I love helping him out with new sets, he loves showing me his builds (and loves when I post them to Instagram for him) but my sets are mine.

While I wasn’t going to knock him over the head for building the castle himself I was going to sternly tut tut at him building on a sunlounger, however on closer inspection (zoom zoom zoom) it doesn’t seem as if any of the bags are actually open…and he’s studying a page somewhere near the end of the instruction booklet…hmm…

David Beckham Building Lego


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