The Kindness of AFOL’s

The world can be a scary place.

But no matter what certain media outlets would have us believe it’s not all bad.  Not all people are ‘out to get us’, or ‘steal from us’, or ‘kill us’, and most people are in actual fact nice.  And kind.

Irish Suicide Prevention Charity Pieta House  have launched a campaign called #SoundEffect.  This campaign is to remind us that even though we are bombarded by bad news stories, there are an awful lot more good news stories out there;  small, random acts of kindness, that we never get to hear about.

For any readers outside Ireland who might be wondering what on earth sound has to do with being kind, here’s a definition of sound (as used in the Irish sense) from


Reliable, dependable, a good sort



In this past few weeks I have been totally blown away by the kindness of AFOL’s, really great kindness from people I’ve never ever met, so I’m going to take an opportunity to acknowledge their soundness and give them a shout-out.

In no particular order:

Thank You to J&J Brick Shippers on Bricklink.

My order from them was their 300th so they shipped for free!

I actually need to give them a shout out for something that happened last year with my first order from them.  When I was trying to pay via PayPal neither my Visa Debit or Credit Card would work.  Mor-ti-fy-ing.  It was the next day by the time I got things sorted and when I got home from work my order had arrived.  It had been sent even before I forwarded on the payment.  Amazing.

Thank You to Bumblepants on Brickset.

I was lucky enough to win a Brickset Bonusball Bonanza hosted by Bumblepants.  The question was what is your favourite Lego colour – mine’s Bright Light Orange…look what arrived in the post – sent First Class all the way from the US to Ireland!

Lego Bright Light Orange

Thank You to Tuomas from True North Bricks

Tuomas won the Police Car from the little competition that I held a few months ago – and has just posted a really detailed review on his blog – and gave me a shout out – which I’m pretty chuffed about as his blog is really good!


Thank You to Jonathan Loo, designer of Lego Space Pod

I blogged about Jonathan’s Lego Ideas project here – if you love Lego Space you should definitely check it out!    He’s been totally sweet and given me loads of shout outs on Twitter & Instagram.

Lego Ideas Space Pod

Thank You to Radek aka crea132 on Bricklink

I received an email from Radek apologising that he couldn’t find a piece that I had ordered – the piece was no big deal so I didn’t mind and he went ahead and sent on the rest of the order.  A week later I got another email from Radek – he had found the piece.  I was on holidays for a few days so didn’t see his email.  When I got home there was an envelope waiting for me.  He shipped the piece out to me free of charge – and (I’m pretty sure) basically eliminating any profit that he would have made on my original order.

You can read more about Pieta House’s #SoundEffect Campaign in this article from the Irish Times.

And you can share any of your sound out shout out’s on Twitter using the #SoundEffect hashtag.

2 thoughts on “The Kindness of AFOL’s

  1. What a nice article. It made me take a step back and think about the world. It is easy to forget sometimes that most people are inherently good, and occasionally we need to be reminded. The LEGO community is a great example. I have had loads of great experiences with AFOLs, and with LEGO customer service itself. Thanks for the shout out, and for this reflection worthy post!

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