Lego City Magazine – Issue 4

Picture the scene.  An room in a nondescript office block in a nondescript industrial park somewhere nondescript in the UK.  It’s a soulless room, only a 2017 wall planner punctuating the coldness of the white walls.

A young man – mid thirties maybe – sits back into a swivel chair.  In his hands are four darts.  He takes aim and throws the first at the wall planner, then the second, third and finally the forth.  It has been decided.  These will be the 2017 release dates for Lego City Magazine.

Okay so maybe that sounds like a bit of a stretch, but honestly that’s as logical a reason as any as to how the publishers have decided the release dates of this magazine.

Anyway this post isn’t supposed to be rant about release dates so on to the review.

This issue features our hero Fred the most famous firefighter in Lego City, and his adventures on Crocodile Island.

Lego City Magazine

The free gift is a Firefighter Fred Minifigure, four tools, flames and 1×1 round plates in trans light blue.

Lego City Fred Firefighter

This is a fab free gift, and my 6 year old loved shooting the fire down!

Inside, the magazine follows the same format as previous issues, with comic, games, puzzles and a double sided poster, and is excellent value at around €5.

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