Lego City Magazine – Issue 2

There’s one thing that really annoys me when it comes to kids magazines (I have a 5 year old so this is a thing for me), the price you pay for what you get – anywhere up to €8 for just a few pages of puzzles, a one page cartoon strip and a cheap plastic/paper/cardboard toy that gets forgotten about as soon as it’s opened.

Which is why as a parent (and AFOL) I love Lego Magazines – they have high quality content and high quality gifts.  Lego City Magazine is my favourite in the whole Lego Magazine franchise. Great free gift, great artwork, it’s packed with content, and from a mums perspective, at €5.34 (Tesco Ireland price) it’s very good value.

Lego City Magazine Issue 2
Issue 2 hit the shelves this month and the theme is Construction.  The free gift is great.  You get a Construction Worker Rob (our hero this Issue) Minifigure, a wheelbarrow, a sweeping brush, shovel, pickaxe, jackhammer and three modified masonry bricks.

Lego City Magazine Issue 2 Free Gift
Inside there’s puzzles, colouring in, a fab poster and of course the comic that follows Rob through a typical day at the construction site that goes awry.

Lego City Magazine Issue 2
These magazines seem to be coming out every few months,  but don’t hold on too long to get your copy as they sell out fast (at least they do where I live!).  Issue 3 is out in November and comes with Scuba Diver Minifigure AND Shark!!

Lego City Magazine Issue 3 Free Gift

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