Lego City Magazine Issue 5

Lego City Magazine Issue 5 is out now.

Lego City Magazine Issue 5

I genuinely, genuinely, love this magazine.

Kids magazines are expensive.  Especially here in Ireland, they’re RIDICULOUSLY expensive, and if you’re a parent you’ll have experienced the screams of ‘I want, I want, I want’ when you go into a newsagents with your kids.  You’ll also know that for the price you pay they’re not very good.  At all.  The free gift that was so coveted and caused so many tears, usually ends up in the bin the same day, and the magazine soon after.

So at €5.99 Lego City Magazine really is great value for more.  The free gift would probably equate to what you would get in a polybag, so worth maybe €4.99, and the magazine itself is designed really well.

This issue’s hero is Ranger Ralph and we follow his exploits while he tries to catch the bad guys with the Lego City Mountain Police.

Lego City Magazine Issue 5

The free gift is great. You get a Ranger Ralph minifigure with police quad bike.

Lego City Mountain Police Minifigure

As with previous issues the artwork and design is great, and the story is interspersed with puzzles (my 6 year old loves these), which the reader needs to complete to help Ralph get over whatever obstacles are in his way and onto the rest of the story.

Lego City Magazine Issue 5Lego City Magazine Issue 5

My only complaint about this magazine is the sporadic nature of it’s release – it’s neither monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.  Anyway the next issue is out April 9th – and a reminder is saved on my phone.

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