Lego Flower Display

After the snow we had last week here in Ireland, it’s hard to believe but Spring is nearly here. Outside primroses and daffodils are making an appearance and nature is starting to look a little bit more green.

And just in time for Spring, LEGO are bringing us some nature of their own with 40187 Flower Display.

Lego Flowers Box

This is a gorgeous little set, and at just €5.99 it’s a lot cheaper than actual flowers.  There’s also 100 pieces in the set which makes it really good price per piece value, especially when you consider 60156 Jungle Buggy which also costs €5.99 has just 53 pieces.

Lego Flowers Tulip and Daisy

The LEGO designers have done a great job with these. Recreating the curves and lines of nature with the limitations of 100 LEGO bricks isn’t easy, but this rose and daisy look great. On the daisy you can even pluck the petals off one by one – if you so wish.

The Little Mermaid He Loves Me Not

Lego Daisy with plucked petals

Lego Red Rose

The only low point in the design are the stands (vases/holders) for both, they look a little out of proportion to the flowers, but hey, this set retails for €5.99 so I’m not complaining.

Lego Flowers

Personally, well I am an AFOL of course, I think that this set will make a really cute gift, and with Valentines Day and Mothers Day not far away, it’s time to get your order in to Shop@Home.

Roses are Red Violets are Blue Rhyme

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