Lego City Magazine- Issue 6

Blast Zone!

The sixth issue of LEGO City Magazine has arrived, and with it a new LEGO City Hero.

So far we’ve had:

  • Captain Ember
  • Construction Worker Rob
  • Adam the Diving Instructor
  • Fred the Firefighter
  • Ranger Ralph

…and now for Issue 6 we have Miner Mike!

Lego City Magazine Issue 6The magazine follows the same excellent format as previous issues, with puzzles interspersed throughout the story to help our hero overcome whatever obstacles are in his way.

But onto the free gift (which is what most of us AFOL’s buy these magazines for – am I right?).

36 pieces.

Yep, 36 pieces – or to be more exact 32 pieces and 1 Minifigure. Did I mention that this magazine cost €5.41 (or £3.85 if you’re in the UK)! Compare that to €3.99 for a CMF…

Instructions for build in LEGO Magazine Issue 6
Anyone spot the error in the build instructions!?!

As a parent, the fact that there’s an actual build involved, really boosts the value of this magazine.  There’s the educational value of following the instructions of course, but just as importantly it kept my 6 year old KFOL happy and busy for 10 minutes plus!  He even wanted to make a video of it afterwards!

Issue 7 is on sale 12 September, but this issue is dated 11 April – 15 May…so it seems that the next issue of LEGO City Magazine is being postponed for the two LEGO Jurassic World Magazines which are due for release in May and August (as reported by Promobricks), one of which is due to feature a Baby Raptor as a free gift!!

Cannot wait!!!

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