LEGO 40188 Pencil Pot

Lovers of LEGO are now able to increase their stationary storage with the new Pencil Pot

Though I would love to know how many AFOL’s would actually use it to store pens…

41054 Iconic Pencil Pot was a little house and this latest iteration is a garage/storage shed with adjoining garden.

41088 LEGO Pencil Pot

It’s not the prettiest looking building, and when put alongside the Iconic Pencil Pot, it looks very out of scale.  But it is LEGO after all, so it only takes a quick modification to make it look a bit more realistic.

LEGO Pencil Pots

LEGO Pencil Pot

What lies beneath

The garden tools include a lawn mower, sweeping brush, spade and crowbar…

I like to think that there’s a backstory here, where Joe Frankenfurter, aka bad guy from LEGO City Magazine Issue 1, likes to spend his downtime gardening, and hiding his loot underneath the shed.

Oh, and it also makes the perfect garage for #3177

LEGO Car in Garage


  • €12.99
  • 187 pieces
  • 1 Minifigure

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