LEGO Xtra Polybags

Xtra, xtra read all about it!

LEGO Xtra polybags will be available to buy online at Shop@Home from August 1st – great news for those of us who don’t live near a LEGO store (or even in the same country as one!)

LEGO Xtra Polybags

There was a lot of interest when pictures of these first started appearing on Instagram, and a quick look on Bricklink shows that right now these are ranging in price from €3.95 to €9.99, so it’s great that they can soon be bought from Shop@Home for €3.99.

There are four LEGO xtra packs to choose from:

40311 – Traffic Lights

46 pieces, including four traffic lights, wheelbarrow, bin, banana, bottle and two of the new leaf elements.

LEGO xtra polybag traffic lights

40310 – Botanicals

24 pieces, including small and large spruce, two white fence elements, two yellow frogs and other plant elements.

LEGO xtra polybags botanicals

40309 – Food Accessories

30 pieces, including a turkey, crate and enough LEGO food elements to create a pretty good picnic!

LEGO xtra polybag food

40313 – Bicycles

21 pieces, including two red bicycles (bit of a shame that LEGO couldn’t have included two different colours bicycles), a skateboard and some minifigure accessories.

LEGO Xtra Bicycles

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