LEGO City Magazine – Issue 7

After a few months hiatus (it was paused while two LEGO Jurassic World Magazines were released), LEGO City Magazine is back on shelves.

LEGO City Magazine Issue 7

And this issue comes with not one, but two gifts (perhaps a treat for having to wait…)

The hero is Issue 7 is Racer Ray, who we get along with his race car.  The second gift is the Diving Instructor from Issue 3, who comes with a shark.  The magazine cost €6.03, which is pretty good value considering the amount of LEGO that you get, along with the magazine of course.

LEGO Octan Minifigure

I won’t go into detail about what’s inside the magazine, (that’s not why us AFOL’s buy it right!?), however I can confirm that my 6 year old loves it.  He loves reading the story, and there’s enough puzzles scattered throughout to hold his interest.

LEGO City Magazine Issue 7

So should you buy it?  Well it’s LEGO, so of course you should!  You will also be getting more pieces than a set costing €5.99 like 60156 Jungle Buggy.

We won’t have long to wait until Issue 8 of LEGO City Magazine because it will be on sale October 10th – and the ‘epic toy’ will be a Policeman Minifigure and Motorbike.

LEGO City Police Motorbike

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