Building Up To Christmas

LEGO have added lots of new Christmas themed sets to their website.  Great for gifting or just gifting to yourself!  It’s time to get the wishlist ready!

40274 Mr & Mrs Claus BrickHeadz

The last addition to the BrickHeadz Seasonal Collection, the undeniably adorable Mr & Mrs Claus.

The extra features like the tree and gifts really add to the cuteness of this set!

  • 341 pieces
  • €18.99

Mr and Mrs Claus BrickHeadz

The award for the worst possible product photography goes to the next two sets – 853796 Penguin Holiday Ornament and 853815 Holiday Gifts Ornament.

Judging by the piece count I couldn’t wrap my head around the price point – until I read the description that each comes with a transparent plastic bauble!

Each bauble is 2″ in diameter and comes with a red ribbon for hanging from the tree.

853796 Penguin Holiday Ornament

  • 37 pieces (including transparent bauble(!))
  • €7.99

LEGO Penguin Holiday Ornament

853815 Holiday Gifts Ornament

  • 50 pieces
  • €7.99

LEGO Holiday Gifts Ornament

The next set is a welcome addition for anyone who missed out when this was a gift with purchase!

40223 Snowglobe

  • 215 pieces
  • €9.99

LEGO Snowglobe

**Note as of 9th October 40223 is showing as SOLD OUT**

40222 Christmas Build Up

  • 250 pieces
  • €9.99

Another former gift with purchase, this is a build a day for the run up to Christmas. A great set – only downside is, you’ll have to break some builds to create others.

Regardless, this is still a fun set, and each days build should keep kids (and adults) entertained!

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