LEGO City Magazine – Issue 9

Issue 9 of LEGO City Magazine welcomes Garbageman Gary to the rubbish filled streets of LEGO City!

Cover of LEGO City Magazine Issue 9

The latest issue, released on 7th November, comes with a Garbageman Gary minifigure and his Clean Up Kit – which consists of a wheelbarrow, brush and spade.  

You also get a blue and green trash can combo, and some rubbish (a twig, a bottle and a bone) to go into them.

Image of LEGO Garbage Man Minifigure with Wheelbarrow and Trashcans
Image of LEGO Garbageman Minifigure with rubbish and trashcans

I love sets that have City workers – road workers, street light repairers (i.e City workers that aren’t police or firemen), and this set is a great little ‘filler set’ for including in a town layout, so Issue 9 earns bonus points from me for this. 

Speaking of Garbagemen – have you seen the leaks of what’s coming in 2019 – one of the new sets is a Garbage Truck!  Yippee! 

LEGO City Garbage Truck 2019
Image @project_brick (Twitter)

LEGO City Magazine Issue 10 is on sale 5th December, and the ‘Wicked Toy’ will be an ‘Explorer Minifigure with snowmobile and mammoth bone’ PLUS Issue 10 will come with a bonus minifigure!

And before I go, I just want to share this page spread from inside Issue 9, just because it reminds me of the LEGO catalogues from my childhood!

LEGO City Magazine

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