LEGO City Magazine Issue 12

So thanks to (a) a long and convoluted search involving tweets and trips to two different Tesco stores and (b) a delightful two week bout of tonsillitis, my review of Issue 11 has been postponed. In fact, I’ve three different LEGO Magazines waiting to review, but I thought I’d jump those are get straight to the newest – LEGO City Magazine Issue 12.

The hero of Issue 12 is Firefighter Phil, and we follow his exploits on his first day as a fully qualified firefighter in LEGO City.

Lego City Magazine Issue 12

There’s no real need for me to go through the contents of the magazine – the comic, puzzles and artwork are all the usual high standard.

Lego City Magazine Issue 12 firefighters

There is a pretty big negative this time though – I’m really really disappointed with the LEGO toy that comes with Issue 12. This issue we get a Firefighter Phil Minifigure, a flaming barrel which I’m assuming is an Octan barrel (there’s no stickers or prints, just the green, red and white colours) and we also get a white fire extinguisher (made up of tap and 1 x 1 round brick) but that’s it. And when compared to and even the Diver with Shark in Issue X, this is pretty mean, particularly as the magazine cost €6.35.

Lego CITY firefighter Minifigure

LEGO Firefighter Phil Minifigure

Oh, I forgot to mention, and you may have seen in the cover photo above, but you also get 4 The LEGO Movie 2 collectable stickers free with Issue 12. These stickers, as you can see, are also particularly meh.

The LEGO Movie 2 collectable stickers

In the next issue of LEGO City Magazine the Cool Toy looks really good. It’s a Gardener with a ride-on Lawnmower! I don’t know if the target audience of KFOL’s will be as eager as me but I’m really excited for this one. In a LEGO City filled with City Police, Sky Police, Firefighters, it’s nice to have a normal, everyday person…

LEGO City Magazine Issue 13 gift

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