Classic Space Adventure Computer Game

Classic Space Adventure is a retro style, platform game inspired by the LEGO Classic Space Theme, created by AFOL Johan Alexanderson….and it is awesome.

Two years and over 400 pages of coding have gone into building this gem of a game.

Classic Space Adventure will be sure to trigger a big dose of warm and fuzzy nostalgia for those of us of a certain age – especially if you were both a fan of LEGO Classic Space and computer games; and this game will interest fans of Retro Gaming too.

The game consists of 11 chapters and likely requires around 4-5 hours to complete. There are about 60 different enemies and characters, 6 bosses, and several Classic Space Sets recreated in a pixelated style.

The story is about Red Spaceman who works on a space station on planet Mars. Unlike the rest of his colleagues Spaceman is more of a daydreamer and finds his job a bit dull. One day when working in the caves he falls down into a hole and ends up in a Martian village underground….That is the beginning of an incredible adventure for Red Spaceman! On his journey he visits some amazing and dangerous places, fights small and big alien robots but also makes new friends.

Lego Red Spaceman speaking to Lego Grey Spaceman
Lego Classic Space Adventure Game Yellow Spaceman

Red Spaceman’s entire world is made out of LEGO bricks – right down to the 1×1 round plates in trans yellow being used to create lights. Johan has included some classic space sets (like 1557 Scooter, 1580 Lunar Scout, 6940 Alien Moon Stalker) as you make your way throughout the game.

The game is free to play, and is played in a browser (Chrome or Firefox), and you control Red Spaceman via a keyboard.

Lego Classic Space Adventure Game by Johan Alexanderson
Screen grab from the website
LEGO Classic Space Adventure Game Screengrab with set 6970

Johan has also created a Facebook page for the game – Classic Space Adventure – which you can follow for updates on the game.

There’s 4 – 5 hours gameplay to look forward to, so what are you waiting for – click PLAY!!

Lego Classic Spaceman Minifigure in computer generated form

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