LEGO City Magazine Issue 13

Front cover of LEGO CITY Magazine Issue 13

All of City is gripped by football fever! The stadium is completely sold out for the semi-final of the worlds second-biggest tournament!

Lego City Magazine Issue 13 tractor lawnmower gift

The toy that comes with Issue 13 has 31 pieces: a gardener minifigure with a ride on lawnmower.

LEGO gardener minifigure with tractor lawnmower

This is actually a really nifty little vehicle. I love how the wheels cause the blades to rotate!

And as an AFOL this is the type of set I love including in my layout to add realism. So the toy with Issue 13 gets a big thumbs up from me.

Will all due respect to gardeners, their job doesn’t exactly involve the kind of excitement that kids love, but fair play, in this issue the writers have managed exactly that.

Issue 13 has turned out to be my 7 year olds favorite because it’s all about football!

LEGO City Magazine Issue 13

Next Issues Epic Toy is a 16 piece set – Officer with Jetpack….meh


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