Modified LEGO City Hospital

This blog post was supposed to be about the latest meet-up in Dublin of The Irish Lego User Group, but unfortunately I was couldn’t attend because I had spent the previous night in A&E. Mr. lisaloveslego works in a furniture factory, and the day before the meet-up a cabinet fell on his foot. He’s fine – he’s got a squashed foot and the next month off work (lucky him).

Anyhoo that was the meet-up missed for me, but the hospital trip is perfect timing to show off my latest creation – a modified LEGO City Hospital 60204.

This build ended up turning into a saga worthy of the National Children’s Hospital.

Wexford Courthouse

Originally my idea was to build an old style building, which would have been the original hospital and the set was the modern extension – a little bit like this:

That went through a few iterations but nothing looked right.

So I stopped trying to force an idea to come, and put it to the side for a few weeks until inspiration finally struck in the form of one of my favourite LEGO builds EVER: Fire Station by Steven Asbury.

I didn’t really make any changes to the interior of the original set – other than tiling the floors and adding some chairs. I also added a lift. It’s extremely rudimentary but does the job.

The extension was built in the time honoured tradition of modern Irish public buildings – lots of lofty, but wasted, space.

Anyway, onto the pictures.

LEGO City Hospital
LEGO City Hospital
LEGO City Hospital
LEGO City Hospital
LEGO City Hospital

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