LEGO City Magazine Issue 16

The 16th issue of LEGO City Magazine is out now.

This is the second issue with an underwater theme (the first was Issue 3), this time with action blogger and diver, Tommy Tube taking centre stage.

This issue sees a move away from the traditional role models that kids aspire to that we usually see, like Firefighters and Police Force, to a 21st century like Blogger.

There are a few things in the storyline of this issue that I find…troubling I guess? Firstly Tommy’s excitement about gaining likes and followers for his posts. Yes I know that he is a Blogger – but especially for a kids magazine, an emphasis needs to be put on the fact that blogging should be fun and not just about likes.

Lego City Magazine Issue 16

Secondly, and this one is kind of serious, Tommy films himself while driving. And yes it can be said that this is ONLY A COMIC, but driving while using a phone is incredibly serious – people have actually died doing it or have been killed because of someone else doing it. The fact that they point out that “Tommy only has eyes for his phone…” is pretty bad.

Tommy Tube LEGO Minifigure driving a desert race car
Lego City Magazine Issue 16

This Issue’s toy is an underwater scene and comes with a few unusual pieces – a green camera, yellow crab and seaweed piece…..and I absolutely LOVE the goatee on the minifigure head!

Lego City Magazine Issue 16 Minifigure

Fans of LEGO City Magazine don’t have too long to wait for the next issue as Issue 17 is out on July 31st (that makes two issues in one month!). Issue 17 has a police theme (again), and comes with a ‘cool policeman and police car’ which looks more like a police go-kart…

Free LEGO toy with LEGO City Magazine Issue 17

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