LEGO City Magazine Issue 17

Issue 17 of LEGO City Magazine is out now, featuring shock another Police Officer!

Lego City Magazine Issue 17

Before we meet Issue 17’s hero, lets have a quick recap of the Police Officers that we’ve already met in LEGO City Magazine.

We had a Sky Police Officer in Issue 14:

Officer Oli from the City Mountain Police was the hero in Issue 8:

Issue 5 had Ranger Ralph also from the City Mountain Police:

And the star of the first ever issue of LEGO City Magazine was Captain Ember from the City Police:

Which makes Police Officer Jack McLane the fifth police officer to feature in the magazine.

Lego City Magazine Issue 17 Minifigure Jack McLane

Officer McLane is a desk cop with a love of action films, who uses the skills that he’s learnt from his movie watching to save the day.

The Epic Toy in Issue 17 has 31 pieces and is an Officer McLane Minifigure with a police speedster.

Instructions for epic toy in Lego City Magazine Issue 17

We’re heading into Space for Issue 18 – and the epic toy will have 18 pieces including one of the new geode pieces!

Lego City Magazine Issue 18

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