LEGO Pumpkin and Bat duo

One of my absolute favourite themes in LEGO are the seasonal sets, and with Halloween on the way I picked up this little set from Shop at Home – 854049 Pumpkin and Bat Duo.

Inside the box:

  • Two bags of LEGO (131 pieces)
  • Two fabric strings
  • Two separate instruction sheets
  • Sticker sheet

Unfortunately for me I wasn’t allowed to make these -my two children claimed that job. Luke wanted to make the pumpkin and Leah wanted to make the bat. But I ended up being called upon to help.

First – missing pieces, or so we thought.

Each child had a bag. We assumed the bag with the orange was for the pumpkin and the black for the bat. But you know the saying assuming makes an ass out of you & me, yeah well I assumed wrong.

In over 30 years of buying LEGO I’ve only ever had one missing piece (touch wood!), but straight away we had a missing piece for the pumpkin – a black 1×4 plate. Which led to an unhappy 5 year old. Luckily I was able to get one from my stash so we were back on track. It was after the second missing piece for the pumpkin that I realised that the missing pieces were in actually in the pile for the bat! So, the bags should be mixed.

Second – the stickers

I usually help my 8 year old with the stickers on his builds (he likes them to be perfect), but my 5 year old likes to do them herself. However she needed me to help out with the stickers for her pumpkin. The problem was she couldn’t peel them off the sheet. Instead the sticker along with the backing paper came off. I haven’t seen this problem before with any of my LEGO stickers so this was a first for me.

Kids busy building, Lenny busy supervising!

The finished build(s)

Two cute little ornaments and for €9.83 (Irish price) I have no complaints! Also, I love how the SNOT techniques help my kids to realise that LEGO doesn’t just have to be build one way!

Lego  Pumpkin ornament
Lego Bat Ornament

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