My Picks from LEGO Ideas – February 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve had a look through LEGO Ideas, but today I have a day off work so I’ve had a chance to browse!

Here share some of the creations that caught my eye, (all of which were uploaded to LEGO Ideas in February).

PS: No rubric other than ‘what I like’ has gone into this selection!

The Teddy Bear Factory by AdrienClochere

The Teddy Bear Company produces the cutest teddy bears in the country. They are also the finest you will find. The fabric is thoroughly cut, generously stuffed, shaped by expert hands and meticulously painted. The company has it’s own van to supply the factory and ship the teddy bears all around the country.

The set is inspired by old industrial buildings that can be seen in the north of France. However, the central part of the factory was rebuilt in a modern style. The set resembles a real factory thanks to a plausible assembly line, an office and a storage area.

The boxes can be carried around by the forklift between theirs bases on the production line, the storage area and the van. The set is also very playable thanks to removable roofs.

I hope you enjoy my creation 🙂

You can vote for The Teddy Bear Factory here.

Fairy Tale House by farmfarm

There is a forrest out there, where if you look hard enough, you will find a little bit of magic. You see, a long time ago giants roamed this forrest, and they left behind almost no trace of themselves except for this one shoe. A perfect house for a little elf husband and wife!  Occasionally, a traveler or two will stumble into this hidden clearing where the elves have made their home. Legonichols and Bricktina are friendly for the most part and often welcome lost travelers, but they do value their privacy! While he spends his days mapping the forrest to help those that are lost find their way, she spends her time reading in her favorite chair or tending to her many flowers. 

This set was so much fun to build and I think it would make a wonderful display piece. It combines fantasy with interesting architecture and has many fun elements to play with. The build is in three sections with the following components:

First level (the foot part of the shoe):

– the first level is accessible through the door on the ground

– The bed

– Small kitchen with a stove (stovepipe goes outside the shoe), a sink, a counter, a pot and spoon hanging on the wall

– table with a book on it

– chair for reading

– the upper levels lift off for better access to the foot section

Second level – split level:

– the second level is accessible through the door at the top of the stairs on the other side

– storage area for food under the inner stairs

– inner stairs going up into the house area

– writing desk

– candle

– fireplace with accessories

Outside the shoe house:

– a flowering tree

– a pond with frogs

– an old well

– many flowers and plants

– stairs and a landing up to the second floor

The roof lifts off for easy access to the second level


– Legonicholas, the elf husband

– Bricktina, the elf wife

– Male traveler

– Female traveler


– a black cat

– a brown owl

You can vote for The Fairy Tale House here.

LEGO Sewing Machine by Jerky Factory Jin

This is a sewing machine that my mother used for over 20 years.
In fact, I think this sewing machine was built in the early 1940s. The reason I think this is because my mother inherited it.
I didn’t just make the shape of the sewing machine, I actually reproduced as much as possible the gimmicks that move on the actual sewing machine.

There are a total of ten gimmicks in this. But the actual sewing machine has more than 10 gimmicks.

Needle moves with a handle, but if with the addition of a power function, it can also be operated by button.

You can vote for LEGO Sewing Machine on LEGO Ideas here.

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