LEGO Contemporary Fire Station

If you follow LEGO MOCers on Instagram, there’s a good chance that you’re following Dan, aka allyouneedisbricks. If not, you’re missing out on some inspirational builds – give yourself a free treat and go follow him, today!

So being a fan, I was delighted to hear Dan announce that he has submitted one of his most beautiful builds, Contemporary Fire Station, to LEGO Ideas.

For me, as a LEGO city builder, this is one of the most stunning, detailed and inspirational builds that I’ve seen.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Contemporary Fire Station

LEGO Contemporary Fire Station
Allyouneedisbricks LEGO Contemporary Fire Station

Here’s some information from the LEGO Ideas Project Page:

Fire Chief Jackdaw and his crew greets you on the driveway and happily shows you around their beautiful fire station.
The station is housed in a dark red brick building that’s been updated and modernized over time while keeping details like the bell tower and the old cast iron staircase that leads to the living quarters and office on the second floor. There the firefighters can eat, sleep and play video games while waiting for their next emergency call.
The dorm features bunk beds for four firefighters and blinds to keep the sunlight out if they need to take a nap during daytime. Chief Jackdaw’s office holds a desk, chair, city map and a bookcase for his firefighter manuals and personal gear.
From the living quarters a sliding pole leads down to the vehicle bay designed to fit two regular LEGO fire engines (not included) with some room to spare for equipment maintenance. At the foot of the sliding pole the firefighters’ gear hangs ready to be worn in an instance! 

Allyouneedisbricks LEGO layout
(c) allyouneedisbricks

I would be shocked if Contemporary Fire Station doesn’t at the very least make it to Review, and the success of The Old Fishing Store gives me hope that it could go even further. Fingers crossed because I would LOVE to buy this set!

You can add your support to Contemporary Fire Station on LEGO Ideas here.

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