LEGO City Magazine Issue 18

After yet another police theme in Issue 17, it’s great to see that the latest issue of LEGO City Magazine has a intergalactic theme! Issue 18 also comes with a Second Bonus Gift – the Sky Police Officer from Issue 14 (seriously I can’t get away from LEGO Police Officers can I?), buuuut it’s not […]

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Lego Ideas Space Pod Project

Lego Ideas Space Pod

Blacktron, M:Tron, Futuron (with its Monorail…swoons)….Space Police….boy, the 80’s and 90’s certainly were the golden age of Space themed Lego.  Since then the Lego Space eh space, seems to have been filled by the Star Wars franchise, however there’s still a lot of love out there for Classic Space. Space Pod is a Lego Ideas project by […]

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