LEGO City Magazine Issue 18

After yet another police theme in Issue 17, it’s great to see that the latest issue of LEGO City Magazine has a intergalactic theme!

Issue 18 also comes with a Second Bonus Gift – the Sky Police Officer from Issue 14 (seriously I can’t get away from LEGO Police Officers can I?), buuuut it’s not really a bonus as the price of the magazine is about €1 dearer than normal because of it….

Anyway on to the magazine…

The hero of Issue 18 is Nils Legstrong, and the story-line follows his exploits as he trains to become an astronaut.

As a parent, I always find the puzzles in LEGO City Magazine to be really good, and some are quite challenging for my newly 8 year old (which is a good thing!). Issue 18 is no different, and one of the challenges in this issue even gets kids up off their bums and moving.

The LEGO Minifigure

There’s 18 pieces in this issues toy: the astronaut minfigure, a geode/space rock (dark orange with a trans light blue gem), a robot and a camera.

Issue 19 is out on September 25th and comes with a Pizza Delivery Guy and Motorcycle!

LEGO City Explorers app

There is also an advertisement for the LEGO City Explorers app in Issue 18. I hadn’t heard about this app before so I downloaded it to have a look.

It’s quite gimmicky and my 8 year old KFOL wasn’t overly impressed. There are some very quick videos of space related things, some info about what machines like rovers do. To complete a mission you have to take a photo of your LEGO Space set in your surrounds, but as I don’t have any I took a picture of my cat instead.

Look, it would be unfair to complain about the app. It might be gimmicky but it’s free and it’s another way that KFOL’s can enjoy their LEGO which is all good.

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