Lego Ideas Space Pod Project

Blacktron, M:Tron, Futuron (with its Monorail…swoons)….Space Police….boy, the 80’s and 90’s certainly were the golden age of Space themed Lego.  Since then the Lego Space eh space, seems to have been filled by the Star Wars franchise, however there’s still a lot of love out there for Classic Space.

Lego Catalogue Blacktron Classic Space
Excuse the awful picture – but just look at all of that trans neon!!

Lego Space Police

Space Pod is a Lego Ideas project by Jonathan Loo that brings those classic 80’s & 90’s space themes into the future.

Here’s the background:

Shortly after the appearance of Blacktron on the Lego Space scene; a decision was made by the leaders of the largest colony to find a long term survival solution. A bold decision was made to send an experimental new space pod with a single elite pilot into space in search of a new suitable base. The pilot was placed in a state of hibernation in hopes of avoiding detection as his space pod slipped passed the oncoming Blacktron invaders.

Now 30 years later, our brave hero has landed on a foreign planet and is ready to do what he knows best…explore this world, establish a new colony, amd reconnect with the world of the future.

Lego Ideas Space Pod

Lego Ideas Space Pod

It’s a fab concept and a fab build.  You can check the Lego Ideas Space Pod Facebook Page here, and if you’d like to show your support you can do so on the Project Page on Lego Ideas here.

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