#FlashbackFriday – 1992

Lego Paradisa Palm Villa

All the way from 1992. Oh the memories!  Enjoy! How fantastic were the layouts the Lego designers created?  So full of life and action – and so good at making you want all.the.things!! Well I hope this brought back some memories!  If you missed out and want to treat yourself to a set you craved […]

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#FlashbackFriday – 6590 Vacation Camper

I honestly can’t believe that this set is nearly 30 years old (!) and was released back in 1988! This set has masses of playability. It comes with two minifigures and their grey suitcase – all ready for a trip away!  Stand out features are the spoiler and sunroof, the stand under the ball hitch […]

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#FlashbackFriday – 6350 Sport Coupe

   While I love all my Lego, this set is one of the most precious in my collection.  I got this car when I was 9 and in hospital was pneumonia. My mam bought it for me and I made it on the table over my hospital bed…so yes there’s some (ok a lot) of […]

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