#FlashbackFriday – 6590 Vacation Camper

I honestly can’t believe that this set is nearly 30 years old (!) and was released back in 1988!

image of lego 6590 caravan and car
This set has masses of playability. It comes with two minifigures and their grey suitcase – all ready for a trip away!  Stand out features are the spoiler and sunroof, the stand under the ball hitch and the design of the caravan itself.

The roof is hinged on one side, which allows access to the interior of the caravan. Inside there’s a tap, and a blue 2 x 2 which I’m figuring is a table.

I have such great memories of playing with this set as a child, and even though this set is 28 years old it’s still relevant to any town layout.

And this is the pure beauty of Lego, it’s just like ‘real life’ – we all don’t drive brand new cars (or caravans), and no matter what the age of the car it still drives on the same road, and so it is with Lego the car and caravan may be old, but they’re certainly not past it…and in fact they’re a great way to head off to the countryside to enjoy a picnic!

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