#FlashbackFriday – 6350 Sport Coupe


While I love all my Lego, this set is one of the most precious in my collection. 

I got this car when I was 9 and in hospital was pneumonia. My mam bought it for me and I made it on the table over my hospital bed…so yes there’s some (ok a lot) of nostalgia involved in why I like this set so much, but it’s not the only reason.

First of all it’s cute, compact and importantly not an emergency vehicle! 

 lego car 
The set comes with this minifig (rocking a blue stripey jumper) and a briefcase – so to a 9 year old (or anyone really), she could be a doctor, businesswoman or anything!  I think this ambiguity was really clever on Legos part – she really could be whatever you wanted.

And the nifty design of the car even meant there was room for the briefcase in the back!

 lego car 
26 years old and still going strong – luckily there’s no road worthiness tests in my Lego town!

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