Making the Free Mini VW Beetle Minifigure Friendly!

Were you lucky enough to get your hands on #40252-1, the free mini VW Beetle promo!?

Lego Mini Volkswagen Beetle Free Promo

Thanks to triple VIP points which made me finally pull the trigger on getting #31065 – Park Street Townhouse, I did!

It’s a cute little thing isn’t it!  But for me it has one major flaw – it looks great but can’t fit a minifigure.

But this is Lego, so with a few small modifications, that’s easily fixed!

TaDah!  Though I’ll admit it’s more Citroen 2CV than VW Beetle!

Lego Mini Volkswagen Beetle

I got rid of the built base of the car and replaced it with a 4×12 plate with bottom 2x4x2/3 – doing this had a few advantages:  it was more stable, it freed up some dark azure pieces and the recessed bottom created more room for a minifigure to fit in.

Lego Mini Volkswagen Beetle

I also added a windscreen, and some clear transparent 1x2x1 wall elements for windows.

There’s no doors, or steering wheel for that matter, but I’m not going to get too caught up in worrying about those – my aim was to make my modifications without having to buy any additional pieces.

Lego Mini Volkswagen Beetle

I know that Lego is an expensive product, but for a gigantic company, Lego are actually pretty generous with their promos, and this set is a particularly good one.  It’s officially licensed from Volkswagen and has 141 pieces.  And if like me, you want it to be more functional for your layout, that’s easily achievable with a few small changes.

Lego Mini Volkswagen Beetle

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