Lego Ideas Review Qualifers

Lego has just announced the 7 projects that have made it through to the Lego Ideas Final Review of 2017, and there’s not one but THREE more projects by RobenAnne up for consideration.

Lego Ideas Review 2017

There’s also the really clever Pop Up Book by JKBrickworks and the slick Jaguar E Type Roadstar by Ozzyeatingbats.

The appeal of the final two is lost on me I’m afraid but there’s obviously a lot of love out there for them. RuPauls Brick Race by SeeMarkGeek is based on a long running US television show, and The Christmas Story House by twrt0es is based on a film that seems to be an institution in the US. It would be interesting to see what appeal these two would have outside of the States…

I got the Old Fishing Store as a gift this Christmas (in fact I got two but that’s a story for another day), and I can honestly say that it is an excellent and enjoyable build – fun to do, great for playing with and looks great. Judging by the quality of the Old Fishing Store I’m keeping my fingers crossed that another of RobenAnne’s makes the cut and we end up with a whole theme of his designs – something I predicted back in October 2016!

While I really would love to see another of RobenAnnes make the cut (The Lighthouse please!), I have a feeling that it could be Jag…have a look in your trans clear ball, what’s your prediction for Review winner?

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