Lego Ideas Review Winner – The Old Fishing Store!

A beautiful building, and a worthy winner in my opinion. A bit different to the approved Ideas projects we’ve seen so far like The Big Bang Theory, Wall E and Dr. Who.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Lego adapt this for commercial release.  The designer Robert Bontenbal (RobenAnne on Ideas), has done a great job so I hope that Lego don’t deviate too much from the original.

the old fishing store lego
Robert has three more designs on Ideas which are of an equally high standard to the Old Fishing Store, and which continue with the seaside theme to make up Sea Front Village.

lego boat house dinerlego dive shop
Great aren’t they?  And it’s not surprising that they’re quickly gathering support, with the Boat Repair Shop already at 10,000 support.

Can’t you just picture these all together in a layout?  I’d love to think that someone at Lego HQ is thinking “new theme for 2017”!

5 thoughts on “Lego Ideas Review Winner – The Old Fishing Store!

    1. Thanks! I discovered yours via Reader a few weeks ago! It’s really great! I particularly love your colouring print outs (well my four year old does!!) It’s great to find a quality Lego blog 🙂

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